I-10 HOV Lane Improvements

West Covina, CA
Caltrans District 7
Contract Value: 
5.5 miles
Year Completed: 
Caltrans District 7 has awarded Atkinson a $172 million contract for the I-10 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Improvements from West Covina to the 57/10 Separation. This project will alleviate traffic congestion in and around West Covina, CA.
Atkinson will construct the 5.5-mile-long I-10 HOV Lane Improvements project in six stages. As part of their scope, the team will build new HOV lanes, and widen 10 existing bridges, including cast-in-place box girder, cast-in-place T-girder, and precast box girder structures, as well as re-align existing ramps. Additionally, they will construct 3.5 miles of retaining walls, including, cast-in-place standard Caltrans walls, soil nail walls, tie-back walls, soldier pile walls, and CIDH walls, and perform 220,000 cubic yards of concrete paving and 100,000 tons of asphalt paving. To make way for road improvements, the team will excavate 550,000 cubic yards of soil and materials; 200,000 cubic yards will be re-used on site, while the remaining 350,000 cubic yards will be transported to designated dump locations.  Additional scope items include landscaping, drainage, concrete barrier, reinforcing, and electrical work. Atkinson will self-perform 60 percent of the work.
The West Covina 57/10 Separation is located in a bustling urban corridor with a high daily traffic volume. To reduce the impact to local commuters, the team will complete the majority of work at night.  This approach will also allow construction vehicles to move throughout the site unimpeded. 
While evaluating the project, Atkinson identified an alternative approach to building the job that will allow the team to construct the eastbound and westbound retaining walls within the same project stage. Under this plan, the job is separated into two distinct work phases: heavy structures (excavation, retaining walls, bridges, and lowering city streets) and roadway finishes (grading and paving). This innovative approach will allow the team to reduce overhead costs and deliver the project a year ahead of schedule.