Hayward Complex Maintenance Facilities

Hayward, California
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
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Year Completed: 
Clark will construct the Hayward Complex Maintenance Facilities as part of an expansion program that will provide BART with additional car maintenance and storage capacity for its trains.  
As part of the project scope, the team will renovate the existing service and inspection shop and construct a new component repair shop facility. Before construction begins, the team will demolish the existing warehouse building. In its place, they will construct a 135,000 square-foot industrial component repair shop. The steel-framed structure will include 32,000 square feet of administrative space, welfare facilities, and specialty rooms used for component repair and testing, electro-mechanical repair, and electrical repair.  
Once construction is complete, the team will relocate the existing truck, wheel, and axle shop equipment to the new facility, install 4,000 linear feet of new track to connect the yard to the shop, and construct seven new train vehicle lift systems. Additionally, the team will provide systems work, including rail, traction power, and train control work in the yard and leading to the facility.
Substantial completion is scheduled for March 2018.