Ellington Airport Traffic Control Tower and Utility Building

Harris County, Texas
Houston Airport System
143 Feet Tall
Year Completed: 

Clark constructed a new air traffic control tower at the Ellington Airport in Harris County, Texas to replace the Airport's previous air traffic control tower that was irreparably damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008.  The new tower supports the Airport's general aviation tenants and future operations at the Houston Spaceport.

To benefit schedule, the Clark team preassembled the steel cab on the ground concurrent with the erection of the concrete base. This allowed the 110-ton crawler crane to focus on completing the concrete tower, while the steel cab was assembled with a fork lift at ground level.

In addition to the air traffic control tower, the project team constructed a utility building to the project has it all to house two chillers, a boiler, a back-up generator, a fuel storage tank system, and a fire pump to serve the fire protection system.

Project scope also included demolition of the existing air traffic control tower.

2019 ENR Texas & Lousiana Best Project, Airport/Transit
2019 ENR Texas & Lousiana Safety Award of Merit