Ellington Airport Traffic Control Tower and Utility Building

Houston, Texas
City of Houston, Department of Aviation, Planning and Construction Division
Year Completed: 

Clark is constructing a new air traffic control tower at the Ellington Airport in Harris County, Texas. The Airport's previous air traffic control tower was irreparably damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008. 

The tower will have a cab floor of 600 square feet, and will comply with Federal Aviation Administration requirements. The structure’s façade will consist of a cast-in-place concrete wall system with a sand-blasted and stained finish. The project team will also construct a utility building designed to house an emergency generator, fire pump, boilers, and HVAC pumps, and a utility yard with fire water storage, chillers, a transformer, and a fuel tank.

Once the new tower is ready for occupancy, Clark will demolish the existing tower.