Ellington Airport Traffic Control Tower and Utility Building

Houston, TX
City of Houston, Department of Aviation, Planning and Construction Division
Year Completed: 

The City of Houston Department of Aviation’s Planning and Construction Division has awarded Clark a contract for the Airport Traffic Control Tower and Utility Building at Ellington Airport in Houston, TX.

Clark will construct a new air traffic control tower to replace the current one, which was irreparably damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008. The tower will have a cab floor of 600 square feet, and will comply with Federal Aviation Administration requirements. The structure’s façade will consist of a cast-in-place concrete wall system with a sand-blasted and stained finish. The project team will also construct a utility building designed to house an emergency generator, fire pump, boilers, and HVAC pumps, and a utility yard with fire water storage, chillers, a transformer, and a fuel tank. Once the new tower is ready for occupancy, Clark will demolish the existing tower.