Cheverly Abutment & Aerial Structure Rehabilitation

Emergency Design-Build Repairs
Cheverly, Maryland
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Year Completed: 

An abutment near the Cheverly Metro station in Maryland shifted laterally because of the movement of an adjacent slope. In 2011, Clark led the rehabilitation efforts to return the bridge and railroad to their original location and prevent any further movement.

Clark developed a design for the track realignment and implemented the repairs. This work required modifying the existing structures and lifting the bridge back to its original alignment during a series of scheduled weekend service outages. To protect the abutment from any future slope movements, the project team designed and installed a ground improvement structure.

The scope of work also included rehabilitating two additional bridge piers, restoring proper drainage to the site, realigning approximately 500 linear feet of the railroad tracks, and reworking the buried power, communication, and train control cabling between the two adjacent stations.