220 South Union Street

Alexandria, Virginia
Carr City Centers
Rust Orling Architecture
Additional collaborations with Rust Orling Architecture:
75,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 
LEED Silver
This 75,000 square-foot hotel complements the historic colonial-style homes surrounding the area. The building’s façade is comprised of masonry with antique metal star accents, and intricate brickwork. The roof is a sloped mansard style. The building also features one level of below-grade parking.  A part of Alexandria’s Waterfront Redevelopment Plan, this five-story, 120-room property is operated by Hotel Indigo.
220 South Union Street is located next to the Potomac River. Because of this proximity, the project required the installation a dewatering system around the site to control groundwater, and the deep foundations system includes auger cast piles to anchor the building in the marsh-like soils. Due to the site’s historic significance, excavation of the area was completed in three phases to allow an archaeologist to inspect the soil for historic artifacts.
The project is designed to achieve LEED® Silver certification.
Substantial completion is scheduled for March 2017.