Lean Construction

Through Clark's extensive experience, which includes more than $2 billion worth of Lean Construction projects, we have developed best-in-class Lean practices that minimize time and waste while maximizing value and quality.

Clark continually seeks new ways to build more efficiently for our clients to best deliver value and meet the Conditions of Satisfaction established at the onset of our projects. Whether collaborating with the design team and client during the Target Value Design process or with our subcontractors in a Last Planner System® session, our employees seize the opportunity to learn from our partners and apply Lean principles and behaviors in their daily operations.

At Clark, Lean is not an initiative or the application of Lean tools, it is a core business strategy. We embrace what our Lean culture improves, including safety, quality, productivity, respect for the opinion of all team members, and interaction between stakeholders.

Clark's focus on continuous improvement standardizes work flow, increases accountability at every level, and fosters an environment that is conducive to understanding the root cause of problems to avoid them in the future.

To successfully perform the work, the ARTIC team relied on Plan/Do/Check/Adjust – a Lean Construction technique. They spent weeks pre-planning with trades, first developing hour-by-hour schedules, and then into 15-minute increments. As the work was being completed, the team continued to check work in place against the plan. Their meticulous planning paid off: by the sixth weekend, the team finished work 20 hours ahead of schedule – a 30 percent improvement.

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