Inova Dwight and Martha Schar Cancer Institute

Falls Church, VA
Inova Health Systems
Contract Value: 
342,000 Square Feet
Year Completed: 
The Inova Dwight and Martha Schar Cancer Institute will be the first of many major projects that Inova will undertake on its new 90-acre Center for Personalized Health Campus, which previously served as Exxon Mobil’s Headquarters.

Clark is renovating 264,000 square feet of existing space to make way for the Cancer Institute, as well as medical offices, a pharmacy, and clinical space for oncology, clinical trials, and research. The project team also is constructing a 78,000 square-foot addition to accommodate five linear accelerator vaults, imagery and nuclear medical suites, and a breast cancer clinic. The project scope also includes construction of a new pavilion, which will serve as the main entry to the new facility.