September 21, 2010
Press Releases & News

Two Projects to Help Improve Washington's Metro System

BETHESDA, Md. – Clark Construction Group, LLC, has been awarded two separate contracts that will improve portions of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's (WMATA) Metro system.

WMATA awarded Clark Design/Build, a Clark Construction affiliate a contract for the Cheverly Abutment and Aerial Structure Rehabilitation project. An abutment near the Cheverly Metro station has shifted laterally because of the movement of an adjacent slope. Clark Design/Build will lead the rehabilitation efforts to return the bridge and railroad to their original location and prevent any further movement. 

After developing a design for the track realignment, the project team will implement the repairs. This will require modifying the existing structures and, during a series of scheduled weekend service outages, lifting the bridge back to its original alignment.

To protect the abutment from any future slope movements, the project team will design and install a ground improvement structure. These slope stabilization measures will use drilled caissons.  The scope of work also includes rehabilitating two additional bridge piers, restoring proper drainage to the site, realigning approximately 500 linear feet of the railroad tracks, and reworking the buried power, communication, and train control cabling between the two adjacent stations. 

Design and field investigation work began in May. Major construction activities will start in the fall of 2010. The project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2011.

Clark Construction was also awarded a $32.6 million contract to help alleviate congestion and improve passenger traffic flow at one of the WMATA's busiest stations. The Rosslyn Station Access Improvement Project (RSAIP) includes building a new below-grade entrance mezzanine, installing three high-speed elevators, and adding new kiosk and fare collection equipment at the Rosslyn Metro Station. To enhance passenger safety and improve station egress, the project team also will construct a new emergency evacuation stairwell. A transfer point between Metro's Orange and Blue Lines, Rosslyn is WMATA's busiest station in Virginia. 

Arlington County will manage the design and construction of the RSAIP in coordination with WMATA and the JBG Companies, the developer of Rosslyn Central Place, a future project directly above the Rosslyn station. 

Clark will self-perform support of excavation work and cast-in-place concrete work. Atkinson Construction's Underground Division will perform drill and blast mining for the shaft and mezzanine tunnel.  

Construction will begin this fall. The project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2013.