June 22, 2015
Press Releases & News

Small Business Owners Complete Clark's Strategic Partnership Program

Bethesda, Md. – Clark's executive leadership, along with 19 participants from the company's 9th Annual Strategic Partnership Program (SPP), celebrated the accomplishments of the group at a graduation ceremony on June 17. Small business owners have a brighter outlook for the future of their businesses upon completion of the program.

Offered at no cost to small business owners, the 10-month program provides intensive construction management and business skills training and is taught by a team of seasoned Clark professionals and guest lecturers. Graduates from the course join the more than 350 small business owners who have matriculated through the program.

"These individuals have put forth incredible effort to complete this program and we are certain their hard work will continue in growing their businesses. Clark is eager to watch their many successes," stated Clark Senior Vice President, Jay Grauberger, during the graduation festivities.

Wayne Fraiser, President of the Maryland Washington Minority Companies Association also spoke at the ceremony, encouraging graduates to take personal responsibility for the quality of their work and discussing the importance client satisfaction. He proclaimed, "Quality is you; your brand is you."

Beverly Thomas, President of Regional Contracting Services, served as the ceremony's keynote speaker. A graduate of Clark's inaugural SPP, she informed the business owners about life after the SPP, providing sound advice on how to successfully expand their businesses. Tips included how to grow smartly based on a solid understanding of their firms' core competencies, capacity and resources, as well as how to surround themselves with the right team to assist in making critical decisions about finances, legal matters, risk, and growth.

The Strategic Partnership Program culminates with the completion of a capstone project. Working in teams, the participants utilize the knowledge and information they gained throughout the course and present their capstone project to a panel of judges. Clark Vice President Wes Stith, who leads the SPP, presented the capstone award to a team of five students for their outstanding project.

Clark's SPP curriculum is offered in the company’s headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, as well as our Chicago, Southern California, and Northern California offices. In addition, condensed versions of the program are offered on a number of cities and jobsites across the country.

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