Clark Maintains Commitment to Well-being of Workers on Jobsites

June 01, 2016


SAN FRANCISCO – Clark Construction Group remains committed to the well-being of everyone on its jobsites following allegations of racial discrimination by three employees of Bigge Crane, subcontractor to Clark on the 250 Howard Street project in San Francisco.

“Clark does not tolerate harassment or discriminatory behavior,” said Mike Ricker, Clark’s Senior Vice President, in charge of the company’s Northern California and Pacific Northwest operations. “Clark has a culture of diversity, and we remain dedicated to fostering a professional work environment where dignity and respect for all are paramount.”

Clark Construction Group does not tolerate harassment or discriminatory behavior and maintains longstanding policies and practices in place to ensure a healthy and respectful workplace for everyone on its project sites. 

When Clark was made aware of incidents on the 250 Howard Street job site, project leadership swiftly notified law enforcement and have cooperated with both Bigge Crane and law enforcement in their investigation. Additionally, Clark took further actions to ensure that the hundreds of individuals who work on the 250 Howard Street job were made aware that harassment is not and will not be tolerated. The company recently held mandatory anti-harassment and discrimination awareness training for all Clark employees on the job and made that training available to all subcontractors working on site.  Additionally, Clark conducted numerous project-wide meetings to remind everyone of the company’s anti-harassment policy and underscore the firm’s commitment to maintaining a safe work environment, free of harassment. As an additional measure, the company installed security cameras in an effort to closely monitor activities and deter individuals from acts that are not permitted by policy or law.

As a matter of standard jobsite operations, Clark crews clean the site of graffiti on a regular basis and remove offensive graffiti as soon as it is reported. 

Clark is also implementing a number of new initiatives, including working with the NAACP San Francisco Chapter to provide cultural sensitivity training for site employees, and producing new jobsite signage that promotes respect and tolerance and encourages workers to report any and all incidents of harassment.