July 15, 2021

Clark Develops Mobile Safety Suite to Capture, Track Performance Data

The construction industry is rapidly evolving – from the complexity of the structures we build to the skillset and mindset of the craftworkers on our jobsites. This advancement is due in part to the opportunities created by technology. Recent technologies allow for more intricate designs, more precise tools, and more smart features in each structure than ever before. Stretching the limits of what can be built also creates the potential for new hazards, and mitigating those risks demands cutting edge safety solutions.   

In 2018, Clark began its search for a mobile safety solution that would go beyond tracking lagging indicators to improve safety performance and keep craftworkers safe. Our sought-after solution needed to meet specific requirements for capturing leading indicators, reducing injury severity, increasing effectiveness of daily crew planning, and providing robust analytics at the fingertips of any employee. After determining that existing products did not satisfy these requirements, Clark developed a custom solution, Safety Suite – a robust, mobile safety app which allows Clark’s project teams across the nation to consistently capture, track, and trend pertinent safety information. 

The app is designed to be used with safety gloves so they do not need to be removed in the field to record data.

Equipped with this new tool, our teams capture at-risk and positive safety observations and evaluate and “score” the Safe Plan of Action (SPA) meetings conducted on jobsites each day. Providing timely feedback regarding the effectiveness of SPA meetings to foremen and members of the crew improves engagement, hazard identification, and planning of work. Additionally, the Safety Suite structure is flexible to allow for future enhancements, including spatial indexing of observations and incidents within virtual models used on each of our projects.

In addition to Safety Suite’s mobile functionality, an interactive reporting and analytics portal educates teams about how to make informed, proactive decisions about potential hazards or trends based not only on what is occurring on their own job, but also on what is trending by region, trade, or trade contractor.  Working within the belief that knowledge is power, Clark’s development of the Safety Suite gives project teams the information at their fingertips to improve safety performance.