October 03, 2018

Building a Space for Tomorrow’s Musicians

The Clark Chicago CTA Substation Renovations team was privileged to partner with Notes for Notes to build a recording studio in the James Jordan Boys & Girls Club.   

Notes for Notes is a non-profit organization that partners with Girls and Boys Clubs across the country to build and fully equip recording studios to offer spaces for music education and expression for youth. By providing free music education to inner city youths, Notes for Notes aims to foster a creative environment for kids to learn and collaborate together. 

To create such a space for music education, the CTA team spent several months renovating an existing space in the James Jordan Boys & Girls Club and converting it into a music room with a full recording studio. Now completed and fully furnished, the combined music room and recording facility features a stage, drum set, guitars, keyboards, microphones, and a digital music work space. 

Working hands-on to provide a quality product, the CTA team was happy to participate in such a fun and fulfilling project.  

The team would like to thank Notes for Notes for allowing the opportunity to build something extraordinary for students to use for years to come. Clark has teamed with Notes for Notes on several studio projects through the country; this Notes for Notes studio is the first in Chicago.