December 26, 2019

Public-Private Partnerships: A Proven Solution to Move Critical Infrastructure Projects Forward

Geoffrey Stricker

From airport terminals and civic centers to hospitals and academic facilities, the demand for public buildings and infrastructure that foster productivity, support operational needs, and improve user well-being has public entities searching for effective strategies to help them bring needed facilities to life faster than ever before.

November 08, 2019

Clark Salutes Veteran-Owned Small Business Partners

Small business owners Bruce Giron, Jason Parson, and Kevin Knight may be in different lines of work, and in different parts of the country, but their stories are remarkably similar.

September 24, 2019

Spotlight on Project Executive Michael Rechnitz

Clark Project Executive Michael Rechnitz’s career in construction started with a thunderous crash. He was six years old and his masterpiece – a tower comprised of Erector Sets, Legos, and blocks, augmented by household chairs, plates, and glasses from the kitchen – had collapsed on the floor.