Meet Our People

Chad Salganik
Research & Development Senior Manager
You might come to Clark because of the iconic projects, but you stay for the people. That's been the best part of working here - the smart, sharp people that continue to challenge me every day.
Kunal Sakhuja
Project Manager
Clark is very dynamic and my position has become very dynamic. I've become responsible for mechanical and electrical trades - becoming experts in things like that has helped me grow and develop my career at Clark.
Mike Hammer
Construction Executive
I chose to work for Clark because Clark offers a lot of diverse opportunities. Clark continues to expand on their different types of jobs and it's really helping me expand my career with them.
Molly Raglani
Project Executive
One of the events that I've participated in for volunteering is tutoring at Phelps High School. We help students learn technical skills in math and science. The students are really excited to learn and that makes us excited to come back every year.
Brett Earnest
Vice President
I chose Clark because it gave me an opportunity I didn't see myself having. I don't come from the typical architecture/engineering background. I'm a business and econ double major, and what I saw in Clark was a very reputable, consistent company that had a great relationship with their clients and a great relationship with the community.
Ryan Haworth
Project Executive, ClarkConstruction
Whether it's an eager college graduate or a seasoned veteran, I find that I learn things every day from the people I work with. I've worked with different people at Clark in different regions and it's all the same...Clark people have an incredible work ethic and even more so a great sense of pride in what this company stands for.
Ekua Gilbert Baffoe
Project Executive
The most rewarding part of my job when the job ends. After you spend several years putting something together and you get to walk your friends and family through the project and say "I helped build this." It's always so great!